Welcome to Christ Church of Oulu!

Last updated: March 15, 2022

ATTENTION! Our meetings have RESUMED!

Contact us via email for more information!

Keep checking here for updates.

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We hope to see you!

Last updated: March 15, 2022

Well, hello! This is the home of Christ Church of Oulu, also known as
Oulun Reformoitu Baptistiseurakunta, and as
International Christian Fellowship of Oulu (ICFO).

We are a small international body of Christians living in Oulu, Finland. Some of us are students, some of us are foreigners from several nationalities, many of us are Finns. Our worship services and Bible studies are presently conducted in FINNISH. (You are welcome also if your Finnish is poor.)

Christ Church of Oulu is Christ-centered and Bible-centered, conservative, reformed and evangelical in its theology.

We meet every Sunday at 1:00 pm, unless noted in red in the announcements above.

The online information about the location of our meetings is under work, but in the meanwhile please contact us via EMAIL.

We enjoy the Lord’s Supper at our worship services.

At the end of the Sunday meetings there is time for fellowship with some refreshment.

Whatever your church tradition, theological convictions, or personal beliefs (or lack thereof), and whatever your nationality, you are warmly welcome!

Please check the menu above for information on our beliefs.


This website is available in many different languages, although these automatic translations are often difficult to read – especially if you don’t understand the language…

Hope to see you!

Soli Deo Gloria

This website was created in 2013.
The origins of our church go back to 1992-1993.

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