Where Christ Church Meets
and What Bus Connections Are Available

Christ Church of Oulu is a church located in Oulu, Finland.

We meet every Sunday, at 2:00 pm
(unless differently noted in red on the right, where it says “Check here for updates!”).The place where we meet is called the Kaijonharju Nuorisotalo, and the address is Kalevalantie 5, Oulu.(Kaijonharju is the name of a neighborhood in North Oulu, close to the University. Nuorisotalo means “Youth Center” in Finnish.)Don’t look for a church building, or for anything looking like a church! Instead, look for the LIBRARY (Kirjasto in Finnish). The premises where we meet are located in the same building (next door!) as the Kaijonharju LIBRARY.

To see how the entrance to our premises looks like, check out the images here at the right.

Again, please note that we DON’T meet anymore at St Luke’s Chapel. Please check the photos on the right and the map below for the correct location.

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Our premises at Kaijonharju Nuorisotalo are at walking distance from the University of Oulu, at about 500 meters east from the entrance to the Faculty of Education.

However, as stated above, note carefully that we DON’T meet at St Luke’s Chapel, although that is also not far away. Please consult the map with care and click on the photos. If in doubt, send us an email, we’ll be glad to help you.

Bus connections on Sundays

Go to the Oulu Journey Planner. Enter your preferred pickup location as the “From” starting point (e.g. “Kirkkokatu”), and enter “Kalevalantie 5” as the destination (“To”). Click “Plan Journey”. A map will open. Move your mouse over the information box at the top left corner to consult timetables.

Last updated: June 5, 2017